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Monday, September 26, 2005

Stop the War Democrats

You can read my headline either way--as supporting "Stop the War" Democrats like Kucinich, McKinney, Lee and others, or as a call to stop the "War Democrats" like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, John Kerry and way too many others who have not only voted for and supported the criminal war in Iraq, but all too frequently call for sending even more troops into the quagmire. Everyone who marched in protest on Saturday, and the now clear majority of Americans who support them, need to make it clear to the Democratic Party that this approach is unacceptable and unforgiveable. Any Democrat who voted for the war in 2002 needs to be run out of office in his or her next primary. Make sure the voters have a choice between a warmonger Repug and a peacenik Democrat. Heck, this way the Dems might even win!

From Justin Raimando:
Through a combination of cajoling, threats, and nasty primary challenges, critics of our interventionist foreign policy in both parties can put pressure on Congress to stop funding and start questioning this rotten war.
New Yorkers--it starts with you. Get your best anti-war politician to challenge Hillary in the primary next year, and support the heck out of him or her. Hillary is NOT on our side, and needs to be tossed on the trashheap of history. This war only happened, and has only dragged on as long as it has, because of Democratic apologists for it. No more Kerrys or Hillarys--Peace Democrats or No Democrats! (And boy, didn't that Supreme Court argument for Kerry work well, huh? Now we'll have an endless quagmire AND a star chamber.)