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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Protecting those least at risk

Following up on my post from yesterday, take a look at the map Bob Harris drew:

After I saw the list of parishes yesterday, my first thought was to check and see how they voted in 2004. But the few parishes which went for Kerry were scattered around the state, in both protected and non-protected areas. Harris checked out a bunch of other criteria: "The map doesn't correlate in any way I can find with demographics, income, voting patterns, campaign contributions, or the like."

Nope. Apparently the only criterion for being eligible for federal disaster relief in Louisiana was that you were unlikely to need it. Well, the Bushies give large amounts of anti-terror funds to Wyoming, don't they? Pretty good evidence that W is indeed the antichrist--always helping those least in need.

[Update] Chris Floyd, who first noticed that the state of emergency declaration seemed to put the feds in charge, but missed the strange details about the parishes, updates and clarifies.
Bush himself was touting his Aug. 27 declaration the very next day, at a press appearance at his fake ranch in Crawford, saying, "Yesterday, I signed a disaster declaration for the state of Louisiana, and this morning I signed a disaster declaration for the state of Mississippi. These declarations will allow federal agencies to coordinate all disaster relief efforts with state and local officials. We will do everything in our power to help the people in the communities affected by this storm."

By Wednesday, Aug. 31, the White House was clearly saying that the federal government was in charge of the disaster response: "The President Has Given The Department Of Homeland Security (DHS) Authority To Coordinate The Response. The President announced that Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff will chair the interagency task force while Michael Brown, DHS Undersecretary for Emergency Preparedness and Response, is serving as the Administration's lead on the ground."

In case you tuned in late, the issue here, at least to start with, is the Bushies' (and their limbaughtomized minions') attempts to blame all of the failures of the New Olreans relief "efforts" on Mayor Nagin or Governor Blanco, or basically anyone but themselves.