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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

More than just incompetence

As I said yesterday, the scariest part of the New Orleans debacle is the possibility that the Bushies aren't clueless. For a hint to what they might actually be up to, check out Xymphora. Xymphora suggests:
Bush used the starving people of New Orleans as hostages to blackmail the Governor into turning the city over to his troops so he could:
  1. hand out all the reconstruction contracts to friends of the Bush Crime Family such as Halliburton; and

  2. use his soldiers to control the exit and return of the inhabitants of New Orleans, to ensure that 'undesirables' - blacks and poor white race traitors who like living in a predominantly black culture - never come back so he can rebuild the city as an amusement park for white tourists.
Are they that evil? Of course. Are they clever enough to pull it off? Probably not. Are Americans smart enough to figure it out? Almost certainly not.