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Monday, September 26, 2005

Jimmy Carter Bush?

Wonders never cease! A few weeks ago, aWol actually took a tiny measure of responsibility for his administration's massive Cheney-up of the response to Katrina. And now I see this headline on the NY Times web site:
Bush Urges Conservation as Retail Gas Prices Rise
"We can all pitch in by being better conservers," Mr. Bush said after being briefed on the situation at the Energy Department. "People just need to recognize that these storms have caused disruptions." In addition to urging consumers to cut back, he said federal employees should use carpool and public transport and not take non-essential trips.
Public transport? Oooo...the base isn't going to like that! The Red Sox won the World Series last year, and now W is admitting mistakes and calling for conservation. The end must be near.

[Update] This paragraph from WIIIAI fits in pretty well here:
It’s a measure of how mainstream opposition to the war in Iraq now is that pro-war politicians are unable to impugn the motives of its opponents. Yesterday Bush said something about advocates of pull-out being well-intentioned but mistaken. Compare this with the taunts hurled at opponents of the war in Vietnam and you can see the difference. Bush and his claque are not able to call war opponents traitors, to suggest that they love America or leave it or even to suggest that they don’t support “our troops.” Bush used the same rhetoric about the terrorists only being able to win if America’s will is sapped, but at the same time in the same press conference had to acknowledge the legitimacy of the anti-war position. Rhetorically, he’s lost the argument, or at least ceded a lot of ground.