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Thursday, September 22, 2005

I'm baaack!!

My cable modem quit working yesterday, so I had to go to Comcast this morning and get another one. Still catching up on what I missed. In the meantime, Rick sends me some quality speculation for your consideration:
The recent incident in Basra, where two british commandos were arrested by Iraqi authorities, and were later remanded to british authorities under some violent coercion..

The commandos were arrested while wearing plain iraqi clothing, that is, they were masquerading as Iraqi citizens. Isn't that a violation of the 'rules of war, in that all legal combatants are to remain in their uniforms?

The commandos were in posession of explosive devices and timers at the time they were arrested. Just what were they intending to blow up?

...Masquerading as Iraqis, about to set a timer-controlled bomb. I wonder how many of the IEDs that are being attributed to 'insurgents' are really being set by forces whos real interest is in keeping the conflict going???