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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Four Sore Years

September 11, 2001 was certainly a tragedy for the 3000 or so people who died and their families and friends. But it was a much larger tragedy because millions of Americans gave their unthinking loyalty to the idiot criminal pResident who had been appointed nine months earlier. Aided and abetted by the corporate criminals of both parties in Congress and the whores in the media, aWol did everything possible to avoid finding out what had really happened or who was really to blame (which he probably knew), instead using the tragedy of 9/11 to launch the pre-planned tragedy known as the "war on terror." Even worse, perhaps, was that these millions of Americans continued to support this idiot, oblivious to his incompetence, crimes, and obvious mistakes. They even VOTED to re-select this moron who was clearly flushing this country down the toilet. Only now, when the toilet backed up in a major US city, are some of these Bush-lovers starting to notice that the moron-in-chief might not be the strong, forceful leader they've been pretending he was.

I can't really take much pleasure that Bush's approval ratings are now at their lowest ever. All I can do is ponder the insanity that 39% of Americans STILL approve of this moron. WAKE UP!

On this fourth anniversary of 9/11, I do see one positive: There seems to be hardly any patriotic stupidfest related to 9/11 going on today, outside of the very ironically named America Supports You Freedom Walk.