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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Cindy, not Hillary, in 2008

From the Village Voice, via Left I:
Sheehan isn’t stopping her critique with Bush. On the contrary, she has begun to set her sights on Congress and the Democratic Party as well. When she spoke in Brooklyn on the night before, she took note of the fact that Senator Hillary Clinton voted to authorize Bush to use force in Iraq and– like most Senate Democrats–has done little to bring the troops home. Clinton, in fact, has filed legislation calling for more troops.

In an interview after her speech, Sheehan told the Voice she was “so frustrated” by leading Democrats like Clinton “who should be leaders on this issue, but are not.” Already, she has set up a future meeting with New York’s junior senator this weekend. And she plans to sit down with the state’s senior senator, Chuck Schumer, too. “It’s time for them to step up and be the opposition party,” she said. “This war is not going to end unless the Democrats are on board with us.”
I hope Sheehan is wrong, because I don't see the corporate Dumbocrats getting on board any time soon. John Kerry, with an actual anti-war record to his credit, could have gotten on board last year and been president today. But his higher loyalty, as with Hillary and with aWol, was to his corporate paymasters.