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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Blame Bush!

Joseph Cannon gives a lecture to red staters complaining about those of us who point out the obvious about the relationship between aWol and Katrina:
Bush caused this disaster by ignoring global warming. He caused it by listening to quack pseudoscientists instead of real scientists.

Bush caused this disaster by un-funding SELA, a program designed to keep levees at proper strength in New Orleans. A simple fact of history: New Orleans -- the one major city in the south with culture and style -- was obliterated by Bush's refusal to fund hurricane and flood protection measures. Unforgivable!

Bush caused this disaster by squashing FEMA. Money was diverted from that agency to Iraq, leaving our emergency services impotent.

Bush caused this disaster by transferring the National Guard to Iraq, where they serve only one purpose: THEFT. Instead of protecting American citizens, our troops now protect Haliburton and other companies, who are carrying out their evil plan to buy up everything worth buying in that country. The money is being siphoned out of Iraq and into the pockets of Cheney, Bush and their greedy cronies.

Bush caused this easily-forecast disaster by not having troops on hand to evacuate citizens.

Bush caused this catastrophe by fiddling -- or GIT-tarring -- while New Orleans drowned.

That's the message you need to hear, you barbaric, Jesus-addled, Limbaugh-tomized red-state hicks.

[Update] Xymphora has a good list of reasons why this is Bush's fault.