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Monday, August 01, 2005

Shockingly Awful

I'm still trying to recover from last week, since Congress, getting ready to take another vacation, made last week perhaps the most damaging week to the future of this country since the first week of November, 2004. They passed CAFTA and the pork-laden "energy" and transportation bills, and made the fascist "Patriot" Act permanent (pending House-Senate conferencing). There's no doubt about it--Congress hates us. They don't want us to have jobs, they want corporations to control every aspect of our lives except those the FBI controls, and they want us to race to see whether we starve to death because the energy runs out or we bake to death because it doesn't. And the saddest thing, perhaps, is that this completely delusional nation of ours is not only destroying itself, but is asserting its bloody and evil will on the rest of the planet. So there's no escape.

More than ever, I see our only hope being a massive economic collapse that completely overturns the corrupt new world order. Fortunately, I guess, our idiot leaders have made that very likely. We shall live (or die) in interesting times.