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Friday, August 19, 2005

Never Forget

As we approach the fourth anniversary of 9/11, we should remember that our government has never come close to telling us the truth about what happened that day--not the White House (yeah, right), not the Congressional committee, not the "independent" 9/11 commission. And while the recent "Able Danger" revelations hardly make everything clear, they do rather fatally expose the lies and obfuscations of the 9/11 commission. From the WSWS:
The statements by [Able Danger staffer Lt. Col. Anthony] Shaffer shatter the official story of the September 11 attacks, as devised by the Bush administration, endorsed by the entire Washington political establishment, and parroted obediently by the media. By the official account, Islamic fundamentalist hijackers entered and re-entered the United States repeatedly over a two-year period, made substantial preparations for the terrorist attacks, including obtaining pilot training on US soil, organized themselves to hijack four commercial airliners simultaneously and crash them into the World Trade Center and Pentagon, all without any US police or intelligence agency being aware of their activities.

It is now clear that those who have rejected this account—including the World Socialist Web Site—have been proven right. The future hijackers were detected by US government agencies, including the CIA and military intelligence, yet nothing was done either to arrest them or disrupt their operations.

There is only one politically serious explanation of this now-indisputable fact: powerful forces within the US military/intelligence complex wanted a terrorist incident on US soil in order to create the needed shift in public opinion required to embark on a long-planned campaign of military intervention in Central Asia and the Middle East. Whether or not they knew the scale of the impending attacks and what the precise targets would be, they acted in such a way as to block the arrest of known terrorist operatives and allow them to carry out their plot.

Should this understanding begin to penetrate broad layers of working people in the United States, there will be an enormous public reaction against the intelligence services and the entire political establishment, which is complicit, in one way or another, in the cover-up and political exploitation of the events of 9/11. That explains the extraordinary timidity of the media coverage. Both right and “left” in the official political spectrum are handling the Able Danger revelation like a hand grenade that could go off in their faces.
I'm still reading Webster Tarpley's book 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA, which makes a pretty solid case for 9/11 being perpetrated by high officials within our government. Unfortunately, the book is seriously flawed by numerous factual errors. As is usually the case when I read a book where I can spot errors on things I know about, I have to take all the other "facts" in the book as being dubious. But, combined with this Able Danger story, I'd have to add third and fourth key reasons why the official 9/11 story is the most bogus conspiracy theory of all:
  1. There is no way that those two planes and the subsequent fires could have caused three buildings, WTC 1, 2 and 7, to collapse, much less so quickly and completely.
  2. The Pentagon is the headquarters of the most sophisticated military in the history of the world. The only possible explanation for it being unprotected 40 minutes after it was clear to the world that the US was being attacked is that people on the inside wanted it unprotected.
  3. Able Danger, combined with other information shows that the FBI and CIA were aware of the supposed hijackers long before 9/11 yet did nothing to stop them.
  4. Able Danger joins a long list of evidence that a massive coverup of what actually happened on 9/11 has been going on since the very day of 9/11, if not before. Where there's smoke there's fire, and where there's a coverup this big there is almost certain a huge crime being covered up as well.