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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Good articles on Chavez

From Richard Gott, Johann Hari, and Lori Zett. Zett notes:
I don't believe it will be possible, even if that was Chavez's goal, to take democracy, especially participatory democracy, away from the people who have finally been allowed to taste it. In addition, unlike Cuba, which moved from the extreme right with Batista, to the extreme left with Castro, Venezuela deposed its last dictator in 1958 and has been practicing democracy, however flawed, since then. Neither the people, nor the military would accept a dictatorship today. What Chavez promises, and is today achieving, is a socially conscious democratic government. It is time for people in the United States to take notice.
The Venezuela Information Office suggests ways to respond to Pat Robertson's insanity:
The human rights group Global Exchange is encouraging citizens to call the White House to ask the Bush Administration to "condemn the call for terrorist homicide. [The administration] must investigate the legality of calling for the assassination of a democratically elected foreign head of state, and abide by international law in prosecuting terrorist activity." The public comment line at the White House is (202) 456-1111.

The Feminist Majority Foundation and Media Matters for America are working to get the ABC Network and Trinity Broadcasting to dump the 700 Club from its affiliates.