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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Fearless Prediction

$3 a gallon regular gasoline in Ann Arbor this week. Katrina has already cut Gulf of Mexico oil output by one-third, the instability in the Middle East will become even more obvious, and Americans will be driving willy-nilly--going on Labor Day vacations, going back to school, and running from Katrina.

Second fearless prediction--somebody with a boat will go buzzing around filthy floodwaters saving people's cats and such, and be called a price-gouger for charging $50 per cat. Probably get arrested. State governments in Louisiana and Mississippi will zealously protect the oligopoly of Home Depot and Lowes by chasing down any freelance entrepreneurs asking any premium at all for plywood, chainsaws, generators, water, etc. And while gas stations all over the country will probably be charging over $3 a gallon for gas, those that do so in the hurricane areas will be fined for it. Because remember--the free market is only for the big guys.