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Friday, August 26, 2005

Enemy combatants, detentions forever

Digby quotes from an article by Spencer Ackerman. Both Ackerman and Digby state that these absurd, brutal policies demonstrate that the SCWOT ("So-called war on terror") has as its main goal not stopping terrorism, but giving the pResident unlimited power. From Ackerman:
That position--that the war on terrorism requires executive latitude at odds with hundreds of years of law--has animated every single step of the administration's approach to the war. It's why Bush has kept nato allies at arm's length while simultaneously trumpeting their absolute necessity to the defeat of Al Qaeda. It's why he didn't just oppose the creation of an independent 9/11 Commission to investigate the history of counterterrorism policy, he also argued it would be an unacceptable burden on his prosecution of the war. And it's why he's blasted any move by the courts to exercise oversight of the war as a dangerous judicial overreach: When a district court judge last year challenged the constitutionality of the administration's military commissions for the trial of enemy combatants, the Justice Department "vigorously disagree[d]," as a spokesman put it, and contested the ruling until the commissions were reinstated on appeal last month. For the administration, its expansion of executive power is synonymous with victory in the war--regardless of the real-world costs to the war effort.
To which Digby adds:
This pretty much says it all. President Bush having unchecked power is synomymous with victory. (There can be no doubt that this executive power would not apply to a Democratic president in similar circumstances.)

Once again, every loss becomes a win. Every mistake means that they must dig in all the more deeply, because to not do so would be to admit they were wrong. And if they were wrong, the terrorists will have won.
Remember--US citizen Jose Padilla was arrested in Chicago, and charged with only two things: diddly and squat (or SCWOT). He's been in jail for over three years, and counting. Every one of us is at least as guilty Padilla--at least in terms of traditional US law (innocent until proven guilty, remember?). The Padilla case is a disgusting demonstration that freedom is dead in George Bush's America.