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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


New Orleans dodged the bullet, only to drown in the bathtub. Tom Tomorrow says "For all practical purposes, a major American city has just been wiped off the map." So what was the pResident doing today? Giving a friggin' speech defending his indefensible war in Iraq. The same war chewing up the lives of thousands of National Guard troops who really have something much more important to do right now. They're fighting over there so they won't be able to save lives here. As the Iraqis stand up, Americans drown.

Overcoming the devastation of Katrina will require lots of resources--money, equipment, and trained people--all of which are being wasted at prodigious rates in the Iraqi quagmire. Even those Halliburton people raking in the billions could probably offer some expertise to help deal with Katrina--except they're stuck in Iraq. This is ENTIRELY the fault of George W. Bush, and we need to remind people of this at every opportunity.