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Friday, July 01, 2005

Vietnam is the best case scenario

Xymphora is a blogger who makes James Howard Kunstler seem like an optimist (and Kunstler makes ME seem like an optimist). Xymphora quotes what he calls the "intelligent American position" coming from Larry Diamond of the Hoover Institute. Diamond says:
To achieve lasting peace in Iraq, America will have to make concessions, including an explicit commitment not to seek permanent military bases in Iraq. Perhaps no issue in the coming years will more clearly expose the real purpose of the Bush administration's postwar mission in Iraq: to build democracy or to obtain a new, regional military platform in the heart of the Arab world.

Make no mistake about it: While Iraqis are glad to be rid of Saddam, they also want their country back. Only if we make it clear that we will withdraw our military forces when Iraq is stable will we create the political context in which Iraq can once again become secure. The alternative would leave us mired indefinitely in a violent quagmire in Iraq.
To which Xymphora adds:
This is key, and is perhaps the main reason why the United States is doomed. The American government will never give up those bases, will thus never end the insurgency, and will have to watch Iraq turn into Vietnam. To emphasize just how bad things are, Vietnam is the best case scenario. The worst case scenario, and one that is far more likely, is World War III in the Middle East.
It is, after all, what both Bush and bin Laden want.