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Friday, July 29, 2005

Until I was 40?

AWol even lies in comic strips:

George Worthless Bush turned 40 in 1986, which was the year Harken Energy bought out his little failure of an company, Spectrum Oil, and gave him a high-paying, low-work seat on the board. After that, Poppy's pals arranged a lucrative buyout of his soon-to-fall Harken stock, helped him buy a portion of the Texas Rangers, got him elected governor of Texas, arranged a lucrative buyout of his Rangers' share, got him the Repug nomination for president, almost got him elected (but made up for it by getting him appointed) in 2000, gave him the Senate in 2002, gave him his war in 2003, bought his re-selection in 2004, and are covering for his every screwup and crime to this very day.

Just goes to show that without hard work or intelligence, any rich kid with connections can get ahead in America.