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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Some victims matter, some don't

From Signe Wilkinson.

At Tuesday's All-Star game in Detroit, there was a moment of silence for the victims of the London attacks, and they played "God Save the Queen" before the game. Nothing for the many more victims of bombs and bullets, both insurgent and American, who died just in the past week in Iraq. Nor even for the 1000 or so US troops killed since the last All-Star game. Or, lest we forget, the over 100 Americans who die every day on our highways (and I believe the highway death toll worldwide is over 2000 a day). The "war on terror" is also a "war on perspective" and a "war on common sense." In those last two aspects aWol is winning, unfortunately. That idiot John Kerry played right into aWol's hands when he said at the Democratic convention last year that terrorism is the greatest threat we face. It is only in the sense that it puts absurd amounts of power into the hands of George W. Bush. As an everyday threat, terrorism should be a tiny, tiny concern.