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Saturday, July 23, 2005

More art fair selections

I can't deny it--I have strange tastes! A few more of the artists I liked from the art fair:

Toby Atticus Fraley with his old appliance sculptures, like this vacuum cleaner-rocketship lamp.

Lingering Before the Departure, from James A. Skvarch, who has all sorts of cool and bizarre etchings.

Birth of Bush, from Steve Shepard, a passionate Bush-hater from Mississippi. He and his wife will talk politics all day--I remember talking to them either last year or the year before. If you want a good chuckle or some pointed color for your blog, check out all the stuff he's got on his web site.

Bicycle Path, from Kathleen Eaton.

I don't find these quite as fascinating as Cyndy does, but Marc Sijian's incredibly life-like sculptures always draw a big crowd:

Cyndy also discovered another local blog, .:DataWhat?:., which has a great post about the art fair experience: