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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Italian Connection

Sgrena. Ledeen. Gladio. Calipari. Plame. Yellowcake. Rocco Martino. Task Force 121.

I'll admit I can't wrap my mind around all of the fascinating stuff Michelle was blogging about yesterday: here, here, and here. Let me see if I can come up with a "shorter" Michelle:

The Italian warrants to arrest 13 supposed CIA agents for the abduction of an Egyptian cleric in Milan may actually be uncovering a parallel "intelligence" agency run by the White House known as Task Force 121, which is possibly the remnants of a NATO anti-communist terror organization known as "Gladio." The group may also have been behind the shooting of Italian intelligence agent Niccola Calipari in Baghdad earlier this year by US troops as he was escorting released Italian hostage Giuliana Sgrena to the airport. The key neocon lunatic tying this together is Michael Ledeen, an admirer of Mussolini and the guy who said the US should attack everyone it doesn't like all at once after 9/11. These same madmen may well have been behind the forged documents which supposedly showed that Saddam was buying uranium from Niger, a forgery which our government has studiously avoided investigating.

Okay, that may not seem "shorter," but compared to the volume of information in Michelle's three posts (which I've read) and the numerous links (which I haven't yet), it is actually short. The gist seems to be that our government, now and for the past 60 years, has had shadowy groups operating in Europe and elsewhere to destabilize governments, including quite possibly our own, using lies, deception, and terror. Doesn't surprise me at all.