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Monday, July 11, 2005

Fallujacide Continues

It has been eight months since the post-election flattening of Fallujah, but apparently that wasn't enough:
U.S. Marines began an offensive sweep Saturday through fertile farmland south of Al-Fallujah in an attempt to disrupt suspected insurgent cells in the area. The offensive comes as insurgent attacks appear to be on the rise again in the city, once a stronghold for the guerrillas.

In the early-morning hours, about 350 Marines from the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion and 100 Iraqi army soldiers rolled into the Zaidan area in armored vehicles. They approached from the eastern edge of the farming region, which lies immediately north of the Euphrates River, and slowly progressed westward. The area around Zaidan, 20 miles southeast of Al-Fallujah, is laced with irrigation canals that make the terrain treacherous for military vehicles.
What 7/7 was for London, every day is for Fallujah.