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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Continue the hype

CNN has a Then & Now article on Jessica Lynch. In it they repeat much of the hype surrounding her capture and "rescue" early in the Iraq war, only to add the more correct version in later paragraphs:
In July 2003, former POW Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch returned to her hometown of Elizabeth, West Virginia, a hero after her dramatic rescue from an Iraqi hospital by U.S. forces.
Her dramatic rescue nine days later from an Iraqi hospital made the petite blonde an instant celebrity.
But it soon became apparent that some of the facts surrounding her capture and rescue were stretched by the military.
And then there's this whopper:
Lynch said she thinks about members of her unit who died that day, especially best friend and roommate Lori Piestewa, the first American Indian woman killed in combat in U.S. history.
Maybe the first American Indian woman killed in combat AS a U.S. soldier, but there must have been hundreds (or thousands or more) American Indian women killed in combat BY U.S. soldiers, depending on how you define "in combat."