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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Art Fair!

I spent a few hours and a few bucks this afternoon at the Ann Arbor Art Fairs, which started yesterday and run through Saturday. If you want a colorful tour of Italy, it's a great place to go! Venice and Portofino seem to rank high among the most popular subjects of both painting and photography, right behind the perpetually popular doors and windows.

Here are some of the pictures I really liked:

Moonrise Meditation, from Earthtones Photography

Free Parking, from Xavier Nuez.

Two Triumphal Cats, from Michael Leu.

Chappy's Diner, from David Chapple.

Portofino, from Luciano Duce. Actually, photographer Paul C. James, from nearby Chelsea, had a photo of Portofino that I liked better, but he doesn't have it online. If you're going to the Art Fair, his booth is number B346, on Liberty not too far west of State. If you can't get to the fair, click on a few of the links above and browse. Of course, there's lots more that I've left out. Or, check out the web sites of the various art fairs that make up the art fair: The State Street Art Fair, the South University Art Fair, the Summer Art Fair, and the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair.