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Monday, July 25, 2005

Another victim of the "war on terror"

Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes, shot and killed by plain-clothes London police on Friday.

The Israelis have generally killed three or four Palestinians for every Israeli killed by suicide bombers. The US has killed far more people in Afghanistan than were killed on 9/11, and if you buy Bush's BS about Iraq being part of the "war on terror," the ratio goes off the charts. Apparently the Brits don't want to get outdone here, using techniques learned from the Israelis, because their brutal methods have clearly shut down terrorism (sarcasticon goes here).

Xymphora has been following all the lies and counterlies and other nonsense coming out of London since 7/7, including this brutal assassination in the Tube. Basically, these plain-clothes "cops" chased this unarmed Brazilian from his apartment. Clearly frightened, and possibly not aware that they were cops, he ran to the Tube trying to get away. They tracked him down and shot him five times in the head. If they had really thought he was a suicide bomber, they had many opportunites to bring him down (shot to the leg, anyone?) before he got to the Tube where his supposed bomb could have killed dozens, including the cops who shot him. It seems basically inexplicable, until you read Dianne's comment at Xymphora (lack of punctuation as in the original):
xymphora says de Menezes was "picked at random" and I don't think I buy it

don't think this is even racially motivated

don't believe a word about the details of the "chase" because I don't think there was one

he was executed - why is the question

and the denials that it is directly linked with the bombings is an interesting denial, coming from perpetrators or coverers-up of perpetrators

no, i do not think de menezes killed dozens of commuters deliberately and in cold blood all by himself or even in collusion

but perhaps he knew on some level that it wasn't the bombers either - there is something very devious about his death, something very much on the order of a warning to others in a position to give evidence

it's likely to be the killing of a witness
Maybe it was supposed to look like a "suicide," Gary Webb style, but de Menezes heard them coming and ran. He may well have seen something that could have blown the Brits' official story, and Tony Blair, completely out of the water.