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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Panic mode

The WSWS suggests that the ruling elite are in panic now that the public is finally catching on that the war in Iraq is a mess and was based on lies. Both aWol's speech tonight and Kerry's op-ed in the NY Times are signs of that panic--do whatever is necessary to keep the military empire on track. WSWS explains:
The decline in public tolerance for such military adventures has dire implications for the ruling establishment. Under conditions of unprecedented social polarization within the US, war and the threat of war have become the essential glue for holding society together and legitimizing a government that defends the interests of a tiny financial oligarchy against those of the vast majority of working people.

Moreover, a repudiation of the war by the American people represents an indictment of the entire political setup in the US. There is no faction within the ruling elite that can credibly point to the record and claim, “We opposed this war.” The Congress, both big business parties, the media and the corporations are all implicated.

The growth of popular opposition to the war has come entirely from below. It finds no serious reflection in the political deliberations of the US government or in the narrow and reactionary range of opinion that is permitted by the mass media. It therefore has profoundly revolutionary implications and has provoked deep concern within the all sections of the ruling establishment.