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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The op-ed Kerry should write

Senator John Kerry, who somehow managed to lose to the worst pResident in American history last year, wrote an op-ed in the NY Times today. Ol' Swiftie demonstrated that he learned nothing from his miserable excuse of a campaign. Rather than rip the old one a new one for lying America into war, using the Downing Street Memos as the smoking gun like he promised his constituents, Kerry once again only hints that the crime could be carried out better. He doesn't fault Bush for starting a criminal war, only for not doing it quite right:
Our mission in Iraq is harder because the administration ignored the advice of others, went in largely alone, underestimated the likelihood and power of the insurgency, sent in too few troops to secure the country, destroyed the Iraqi army through de-Baathification, failed to secure ammunition dumps, refused to recognize the urgency of training Iraqi security forces and did no postwar planning. A little humility would go a long way - coupled with a strategy to succeed.
Wrong, oh tall ugly one. Our "mission" in Iraq is a crime, and should be stopped immediately, with a complete withdrawal of all US forces as soon as possible.

What worthless John (can you tell I REALLY hate the guy?) should write is:
  • Bush and Cheney should resign immediately, or be impeached.
  • They should be turned over to the International Criminal Court and be tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
  • Abu Ghraib, Bagram, Guantanamo and all other islands in the new American gulag should be closed immediately.
  • And, having been fully complicit in these war crimes as a senator, and utterly failing to properly opposed them as a presidential candidate, I, worthless John Kerry, resign from the United States Senate.
Wimpy, incomprehensible "opposition" is worse than no opposition at all. Kerry is a wimp AND a liar--I have no doubt that he, like Bush and Cheney, knew that Iraq had little in the way of WMD's, had nothing to do with 9/11, and posed no threat to the US whatsoever. He knew it was a criminal war for oil, but he voted for it, supported it, failed to run against it, and continues to support it. And, unlike Bush, he should know better.

Kerry performed a very valuable service for the criminal corporate interests running this country last year, preventing the war in Iraq from becoming a campaign issue. And to think that others like him, like Biden and Hillary Clinton, are considered front-runners for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination--well it's all just too depressing.