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Monday, June 27, 2005

Only major stabbings will be investigated

Detroit has a reputation as a dangerous place, one which I generally think is exaggerated. But then you read something like this:
[T]he police at first thought it was a minor stab wound, and didn't start an investigation until they learned he had died. They heard a doctor say it appeared the weapon was a large butcher knife.
Ominously, the victim, Joe Wagner, 21, originally of Ann Arbor, was an activist for BAMN (By Any Means Necessary), working to protect affirmative action in Michigan. The article doesn't suggest that the stabbing was anything other than a random act of violence. But it apparently wasn't a robbery, and the stabbing occurred while Wagner was standing with a crowd of people.
Driver said police told her Sunday that he had been stabbed so quickly no one realized he was hurt until he fell back. She said he was with a group of other young people who had just stopped for sodas and candy apples at a church festival.