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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Newsweek--not the first time!

From a satire of right-wingnuttery by the Poor Man:
The scandal deepens: on page 34 of the August 26, 1939 issue of Newsweek, Secretary of Labor “Francis Perkins” is quoted as favoring a more aggressive job training campaign in Western Tennessee. Small problem: there is no “Francis Perkins” - the Labor Sec. was Frances Perkins! Less than a week later, German tanks rumbled into Poland, plunging Europe and the world into the bloodiest war in history. Was Hitler encouraged to attack because Newsweek gave the false impression that Roosevelt’s cabinet had quit en masse and that the American government was about to fall? Seems hard to come to any other conclusion. Press treason is nothing new, I’m afraid, although don’t expect anyone else to cover this story, since it doesn’t reflect badly on the Bush administration.
It is also rumored that Newsweek was the first magazine to mention Ronald Reagan's "teflon" coating, something that John Hinckley, Jr. took literally and decided to test.