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Friday, June 24, 2005

Go see for yourself!

Stealing a post from Michelle:
When House Majority Leader Tom DeLay sat down with reporters on Tuesday [6/21/05] on Capitol Hill, he was asked to assess President Bush's campaign in Iraq and to respond to criticism that the military mission is not going well and the White House needs to develop an exit strategy.


"Go to Iraq. And see what's actually happening there.

"Everybody that comes from Iraq is amazed at the difference of what they see on the ground and what they see on the television set."

Houston Chronicle article

America's new ambassador to Iraq expressed horror Tuesday [6/21/05] at the violence wracking the country and said Islamic extremists and Saddam Hussein loyalists are trying to start a civil war.

Guardian article

I guess DeLay was right. It sounds like Khalilzad was amazed, alright.