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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Baby Bombers

I don't know if this is how aWol said it, or how it looked after Fox News "edited for clarity." From the transcript of Bush's interview with Neil Cavuto:
Bush: Social Security has been used as a political club for years. My attitude is this: Once the people realize there is a problem ó and there is a huge problem. And the problem exists because Baby Bombers like me are getting ready to retire...
(Emphasis added)

Michelle and WIIIAI were both, uh, impressed by this Bush quote from the same interview:
You know, Iíve always tried to lower expectations, and I feel like if people say, well, you know, maybe, you know, I donít think you handle the tough job, and when you do, it impresses people even more.
Well, Mr. President, I don't think I could possibly have lower expectations of you than I do. Mission accomplished, Mr. Baby Bomber. (Note that this quote is in the transcript which Fox claims to have "edited for clarity.")

Oh, oh!! And then there's this one!
CAVUTO: On a more serious note, Mr. President, this morning we got word of an Al Qaeda-linked cell potentially broken up in California. One of the participants in that cell supposedly was taking target practice off a picture of you. What did you think when you heard it?

BUSH: I think that our FBI and Homeland Security people are working hand-in-glove to protect America on a daily basis. I was briefed on some of the particulars about the matter you just described. I can assure the America people that we're following every lead, that we're doing everything we can to keep us protected.

The best way to protect America is to keep on the offense and bust up these terrorist networks overseas by doing two things: one, committing our troops and intelligence services to the task, and also spreading freedom.
Does he know where California is?