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Monday, May 09, 2005

Who is seen more places than Jesse Jackson?

A whole bunch of folks who make Terri Schiavo's brain waves seem like a tsunami, even now after her death, think this underpass stain in Chicago looks like the Virgin Mary.

Maybe a closeup will help you see it:

Sometimes I think my life is a bit dull--but how dull must your life be to hang out in an underpass?

Actually, I think it looks more like that guy:

Some quotes from the brain-dead:
"It's a miracle. It's an image of something ... you can't describe it."

"I asked her, 'Please help me with school because I'm having my finals,' but I felt like she was like, 'If you can come to me, I'm going to go to you.'"

"If this is something that is going to help someone have faith, then that's great."

"When you come down here -- that's why I wanted to come down here and see for myself -- when you come down here and you see it, it's real." "It is beautiful."
Wouldn't the Virgin Mary be a bit insulted to be compared to an underpass stain? Bush's re-selection makes more sense now--we're a nation of idiots.