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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Warmongering Republicans and the Democrats who support them

John Walsh rips into Al Franken and Air Apologia:
Franken certainly knows that one of the most insidious forms of prevarication is lying by omission. And on the subject of rapid and total withdrawal from Iraq, that is precisely what Franken and most of the rest of Air America Radio do day in and day out: omit any mention of the topic. Their attitude to grass roots opposition to the war is the same - bury it. And compared to Franken's favorite topics, that is the ones sanctioned by the Democratic establishment, for example, the corrupt practices of Tom DeLay, the war in Iraq which is laying waste an entire country and claiming tens of thousands of lives, takes a back seat--far, far back.
Air America has turned out to be little more than a mouthpiece for the DNC and one more way to divert the anti-war movement to DNC-approved "issues" like DeLay, Bolton and the other trivia that are like so many straws in the wind compared to the carnage in Iraq.

At its heart the war on Iraq is the most carefully and ingeniously orchestrated propaganda effort on record. In this Franken and his ilk play a key role, going just far enough to maintain credibility among the "liberals" they must reach, while diverting attention from the criminal nature of the war and the option of ending it.
Xymphora, in his lengthy discussion of Tony Bliar and the British election, included this sentence:
A Conservative victory as a result of Blair's lies would be a disaster for Britain, and it must be noted that the Conservatives were more in favor of war than was Labour (the Conservatives are simply idiots for turning down such a solid gold election issue).
Sure sounds familiar! I wonder if the Tories and our Democrats have been sharing notes. It took over two years for 57% of Americans to finally realize that the war was a mistake (putting it very mildly). Sellouts like Franken, Kerry and the Clintons are responsible in very large part. With proper opposition, we might have gotten rid of this festering boil of an administration last November.