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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Trouble in Puppetdise

Footnotes (from NY Times headlines today):
1. Karzai Demands Custody of All Afghan Prisoners
2. U.S. Memo Faults Afghan Leader on Heroin Fight

The second article states that the memo was sent by cable from the US embassy in Kabul to Condiliar on May 13, over a week ago. The Times says it was shown to them "by an American official alarmed at the slow pace of poppy eradication." The Times doesn't say when they were shown the memo, leaving it for us to figure out if the timing of the article came from the Times (either because of caution in light of the Newsweek fiasco or some other reason) or from the administration as payback for Karzai's complaints. This would be very interesting to know. Did the Times find out about the memo eight days ago and sit on it out of caution and/or malice, or did they just get a call today about it and run it immediately?