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Monday, May 16, 2005

Today, they danced on its grave

A graphic I first ran two years ago:

The right wing noise machine forced Newsweek into utter capitulation on its flushing the Koran in the toilet story. The "administration" blamed the magazine for all of the violence attributed to the story, not missing the opportunity to repress and gloat at the same time:
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said the flap was a reminder that people "need to be very careful about what they say."

"People are dead, and that's unfortunate," Rumsfeld told reporters. "People need to be very careful about what they say just as people need to be careful about what they do."
"People have said, 'My goodness, why does it take so long for someone to come back with and have the actual facts?'" Rumsfeld said. "Well, it takes a long time to be truthful, to be responsible."
In fact, in my case, added Rummy, I've never once done it in all of my 137 years.
"We'll deal with it the same way we have been dealing with it -- by being transparent, up front and open about our policies and what our soldiers do," Boucher said.
What an obnoxious, lying douchebag. It's bad enough that they are completely opaque and close-mouthed about everything they do, but to just come out and claim the exact's SO in character for this lying piece of filth of an administration.

BTW, Newsweek wasn't the first to report on Koran desecration and toilet tossing.