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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

So much insanity, so little time...

One of my favorite bloggers, WIIIAI, is reaching the breaking point:
I think they broke me. They just overloaded my systems, and now I just donít have enough contempt, sarcasm and outrage with which to respond to this. I thought it was bad last week when Tom DeLay accused the Democrats of having no class, but now Iím just broken. I may have to watch Teletubbies for the next few hours; if I see Bushís face or hear his voice Iíll just have nothing left. So cold. So cold.
This great cartoon from Jen Sorensen a couple of weeks ago sums up the situation:

And that cartoon was before the Uzbekistan massacres, the 100-0 Senate vote for flushing more money and lives down the Afghan and Iraqi toilets WHILE stripping us of even more liberties, Condiliar's bizarre ravings in Iraq, the Newsweek setup, a senate committee approving another $441.6 billion for the Pentagon, or this lovely headline currently on top at the NY Times web site: Air Force Seeks Bush's Approval for Space Arms. You've gotta think that by the time Ashcroft gets put on the Supreme Court, most of us will be too numb to notice.

I've never watched Teletubbies. Maybe it's time to start.