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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Posada Carriles Arrested

The US government finally decided to track down fugitive terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, convicted in Panama of plotting to kill Fidel Castro and others there. He is suspected of being behind the bombing of a Cubana Airlines flight in 1976 which killed 73. He admitted to the New York Times a few years ago to fatal attacks on hotels in Havana. Venezuela has formally requested extradition, but the Gestapo Department of Homeland Security hasn't said what they'll do with this scumbag. Hundreds of thousands of Cubans, including Castro himself, marched on the US mission in Havana demanding Posada's detention and extradition.

The news articles suggest that Posada has put the Bushies in a tough position, forced to choose between extraditing Posada and risking the rath of their rabid right-wing Cuban exile supporters in Miami, or appearing to be blatantly hypocritcal in their gibberish about terrorists and the states which harbor them at all. My money's on hypocrisy; they've done it time and time again with basically no negative consequences to themselves.

I find it increasingly difficult to believe that Congress cares one whit about what any of us think, and even if they do they won't or can't do anything about it. However, if you're a bit less cynical than I, has a letter you can send your congresscritters demanding Posada's extradition.