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Friday, May 13, 2005

Newt and Hillary, sittin' in a tree

Could there be any clearer indication that we need a second party in this country than the recent collaboration between Newt Gingrich and Hillary Clinton? Of course, the NY Times is there to grease the skids of America's slide towards fascism:
As it turns out, Mr. Gingrich and Mrs. Clinton have a lot more in common now that they have left behind the politics of the 1990's, when she was a symbol of the liberal excesses of the Clinton White House and he was a fiery spokesman for a resurgent conservative movement in Washington.
Right. The "liberal excesses" of the Clinton White House. Welfare "reform." NAFTA and and the WTO, selling out American jobs and sovereignty. The brutal assault at Waco. Bombing Iraq, Sudan, Serbia. The "anti-terrorism" act of 1996, every bit as bad as the Patriot Act. Massive consolidation of the media and corporate America in general. I guess the occasional environmental protection, the appointment of a few people who actually did their jobs instead of the exact opposite, and balancing the budget qualify as "liberal excesses" by today's standards.

Hillary voted for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and (I think) all of the funding bills for these crimes. She voted for the Patriot Act. As far as I can tell without a lot of research, probably only Joe Lieberman and Zell Miller have been less liberal "Democratic" senators than Hillary during her four-plus years in office. She would be a terrible president.