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Monday, May 16, 2005

Include Baathists, Exclude Democrats

Condiliar, quoted in the Washington Post:
We talked about how the political process should be inclusive -- and the government is an inclusive government -- and the need for the constitutional writing process to be inclusive.
Meanwhile, back home, cat-killer Frist and the other neanderthal Repugs threaten to invoke the "nuclear option," guaranteeing that the Senate becomes exclusive of minority influence.

And we on the left can call the sham elections in Iraq last January "sham elections" all we want, but nothing says "sham election" better than having the puppetmasters drop in and tell the puppets that winning the election didn't mean they won the election.

Bush considers a razor-thin, fraud-marred margin over a worthless opponent a "mandate" to repeal the 20th century, but the Shiites and Kurds landslide in January is supposed to represent a triumph for democracy, not BE one.