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Thursday, May 12, 2005

How many deaths will it take til you know?

From a commenter named Michael Miller on the Left I On The News blog:
Anyone who supports this abominable crime of mass murder and gargantuan theft should go over there.

This war is wrong, first. That alone should be sufficient, but doesn't seem to matter to many.

It is absolutely unwinnable, second. That is something people refuse to accept. Use enough force and you can pacify anyone, they say. Wrong. You cannot force people to your will. You can break them, spindle them, mutilate them, and bury them in mass graves, but you cannot win the war. Period.

When people finally realize this, they will do what they did last time: blame it on the people who told them so.
Eli at Left I had suggested that not only the right-wingnuts who supported this insane war from the beginning, but also those supposedly liberal folks who say we can't leave now, should get their own and/or their families' butts down to the recruiting office tomorrow and jump right in to the Mess-o-potamia. To paraphrase our worst president--If you're not against this war then you're for it, and if you're for it you should be over there fighting it.

Michael Miller is right--those of us who have been correctly against the war all along will be the ones blamed for its utter failure.

This world is really starting to suck, y'know?