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Sunday, May 22, 2005

The double standard for double standards

From CNN:
In Washington, White House spokesman Trent Duffy said U.S. President George W. Bush was "alarmed by the reports of prisoner abuse," and wants them thoroughly investigated. Duffy said seven people were being investigated about reported abuse at Bagram.
Hey morons! The NY Times story on Friday was based on a 2000-page from the Army's criminal investigation into the case. Investigating again will be seen, correctly, as a delaying and whitewashing tactic. What is needed now is to make sure that the torture stops, that the victims be freed, and that everyone in the chain of command who facilitated the torture, whether by omission or commission, be fired and/or prosecuted. The cowardly system of private and corporal punishment, prosecuting only those at the bottom of the totem pole who actually performed the torture, is a sham, and the whole world knows it. As long as master criminals like Rumsfeld, Myers, Sanchez, Gonzales and Bush retain their jobs and their freedom, the world will know that Americans are the biggest hypocrites in the world.

Compare the way the Bushies treated America's Abu Ghraib scandal to how they treated Iraq's Abu Ghraib scandal. America' scandal was strictly the fault of Private Lynndie England, Specialist Charles Graner, and a few others at the base of the pyramid (so to speak). Higher ups were simply shocked! shocked! to learn what these bad apples had been up to. When Iraq was running Abu Ghraib, however, every bit of torture, rape or murder that happened there was entirely the responsibility of Saddam Hussein--his minions could not be faulted, according to the Bushies. Heck, they even go so far as to tell the current Iraqi puppet government that they need to keep these low-level Baathists around--if they weren't in the deck of cards, you can't discard them.

Same with 9/11--the Bushies could have just blamed it on the actual perpetrators, the 19 hijackers. (I'm temporarily pretending to believe the official story on 9/11.) Instead they insisted on going after Osama (okay, probably), the Taliban (questionable), and start a "global war on terror" (insane). They clearly weren't buying (or even contemplating the possibility) that the crimes of 9/11 were caused by a few bad apples. But they continue to insist that the multitude of crimes they've committed since 9/11 were.