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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Cheap Labor! Get yer cheap labor here!!!

Three Central American slave traders, posing as presidents of their countries, showed up in Miami Monday to push for DR-CAFTA, the Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement. Like NAFTA and the WTO, DR-CAFTA would be a race to the bottom, pitting American workers against destitute Latin-American workers who have no labor or environmental protections to speak of. American corporations would be freer than ever to exploit the resources and labor of this region of the world that they've been raping for over 100 years already. Years of financial and military meddling by the US government have resulted in these slave-trading "leaders" who came to visit Jeb Bush yesterday--Guatemalan President Oscar Berger, Ricardo Maduro of Honduras and Enrique Bolaņos of Nicaragua.
Chuck Cobb, chairman of Florida FTAA, Inc., which is lobbying to have Miami named as the headquarters of the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas, called CAFTA approval critical to that effort.

"There will not be an FTAA and there will not be a headquarters in Miami if CAFTA does not pass," Cobb told the luncheon, which included many supporters of the FTAA effort.
Two excellent reasons to oppose it! There is plenty of opposition to CAFTA in Congress; contact your Congresscritters and tell them that NAFTA sucks, CAFTA would suck worse, and FTAA would be a black hole of suckiness.

Or put it in your own words.

Thanks, Dena, for the link!