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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Your World On Bush

Blood continues to flow copiously in the "New Iraq," with large-scale hostage taking now occurring. Tensions grow between China and Japan--I have no evidence, but I suspect that the US "government" is encouraging the reactionaries in Japan to stir this pot. Given that either Japan or China could sink our economy in a heartbeat by refusing to finance our debt, this would be a dangerous game indeed (not to mention the possibility of World War III (or is it IV or V?)). Cat-killer Frist is attempting to portray Democratic filibusters on reactionary judges as attacks on "people of faith," trying to destroy both an important check on one-party rule and the first amendment at the same time.

This all on top of the bankruptcy bill and the repeal of the estate tax, both of which make it easier to be rich and harder to be poor. It took over 200 years to make a country with some semblance of freedom and justice for all--Bush may succeed in destroying that in eight years. And that's the optimistic scenario, since the entire world is at risk from his insane actions.