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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Tens of thousands take to the streets in Mexico City

To protest the likely railroading of popular Mayor Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO).

See previous posts here, here and here for more on this attempt at a pre-emptive coup. The whole basis for the corruporate parties' (PAN and PRI) case against AMLO is that he possibly violated a court order, temporarily, in order to build a road to a hospital. Heck, our "president" routinely ignores court orders to free hostages (or "detainees") who have been held for years without legal rights or due process.

Some suggest that a vote against AMLO may well backfire against Vicente Fox's PAN party and PRI, the party which ruled Mexico for over 70 years.
Pollsters say his popularity would soar if he is jailed because he would look like a martyr for democracy.

"They say that if they throw him in prison he is going to be the national hero of the 21st century. I totally agree with that," said Vicente Licona of the Indemerc Harris Interactive poll group.
And oh, by the way, Mexico is one of the four nations which provide us with the majority of our imported oil (along with Canada, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia). The slight "correction" in oil prices since last Friday's high may be extremely short-lived.