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Thursday, April 21, 2005

"Ricin Plot" was pure Blairs**t

The WSWS reviews the case of the supposed "ricin terror plot" in England. Eight men had been arrested based on "information" gained by torture in Algeria. The British government and press trumpeted the story as evidence of Islamic terrorism directed against Britain, using it as a reason to go to war with Iraq. It turns out that there was no plot, just one loner guy who had the recipe and some materials to make ricin in his apartment (although he hadn't made any). The other seven had nothing to do with it and were acquitted. No links to either Iraq or al Qaeda were found, other than the torture-induced "confessions" of one guy.

However, back in the winter of 2003, this "plot" was paraded by Tony Blair, and subsequently Colin Powell at the UN, as part of the casus belli for the criminal invasion of Iraq.