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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Puppet Is as Puppet Does: Iraq

The World Socialist Web Site comments on Rummy's visit to Baghdad, where he told the puppets not to purge the Baathists from the "security" apparatus:
For the civilian chief of the US military to fly to Baghdad to issue orders to the new government is a clear signal in itself. Washington views the new transitional regime as little more than a public front for what is, in fact, a transition to a new phase in the occupation. The Pentagon envisions a gradual reduction in US troop levels until American forces are able to withdraw to fortified bases and allow Iraqi puppet forces to carry out day-to-day repression.

Key to this strategy is the use of the ex-members of Saddam Husseinís repressive apparatus, whose "experience and training" are precisely in the suppression of the same Shia masses who have turned out in such great numbers to demand an end to the US occupation.