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Friday, April 01, 2005

Live chart!

I was excited yesterday to find the WTRG Economics web site. I copied a couple of their graphs, remarking that gas prices had gone "off the chart." What I didn't realize was that I had copied a "live" chart, one that updates every day. By the time my brother looked at the gasoline price chart, the top of the scale was $1.70, not $1.60 as it was when I posted it. Given my obsession with energy prices, I guess I could just put those charts at the top of the blog permanently. I wonder if WTRG Economics would have a problem with that.

PS--BTW, the top of that chart may be $1.80 by tonight. Gasoline is up nearly another 2 cents already today, at $1.68.1.

Update--11:07 am: Looks like I was right. Gas futures just broke through the $1.70 mark.

Update--3:30 pm: Make that $1.73. And oil is approaching its all-time high again, at $57.30.