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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I think he means you, Thomas Friedman

"Outsourcing America" is a powerful work. Only fools will continue clinging to the premise that outsourcing is good for America.
That's from Paul Craig Roberts' latest column, reviewing the new book Outsourcing America by Ron and Anil Hira. (Scary note: the entire first page of results on Amazon for the search term "outsourcing" is ten books on HOW TO outsource.)

I'm continually amazed at how well the "free trade" nonsense has brainwashed so many Americans, even as their jobs and job prospects disappear down that black hole. Probably because our two corporate parties are fully on board with it (they're funded, after all, by the corporate bosses, not the workers). Some liberals defend it because they think it is somehow good for the struggling masses in the rest of the world, which it mostly is not. "Free trade" is cheap-labor conservatism, or reverse Robinhood-ism, at its worst.

I doubt if the workers of the world will ever unite under a socialist banner as the World Socialist Web Site calls for at the end of just about every article. But pocketbook issues supposedly get votes, and this is an issue where the center (Clinton-Gore-Bush-Kerry) is both wrong AND bad for most Americans' pocketbooks. Those opposed to "free trade" include right wingers like Pat Buchanan and Paul Craig Roberts and left wingers like Dennis Kucinich. Were it not for the mainstream babble of fools like Thomas Friedman (who is also an insufferable twit, from what I saw on the Daily Show), this is one issue that should be a "slam dunk." That it's not shows just how much power the corporations really have in this world.