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Friday, April 08, 2005

Hub of the Axis of Evil

Jeff at Rigorous Intuition suggests that, of the six evildoers shown, the one in the middle, George H.W. Poppy Read My Lips Bush, may be the hub of the axis of evil:
I feel like a dimensional traveller sometimes with respect to George HW Bush. In one reality, the one I see on CNN, he's a folksy yet dignified grandfather and war hero. In the other, the one I find in largely-unread books in the small hours, he's former President Hannibal Lector. Beyond the broad strokes there's not much shared between the two. The first is consensus reality, while the second, which lays an incredible count of both low and high crimes at his door, is never spoken in public. Can there be two Poppies? Could both be true? Or could so many be wrong, and so few right? It's hard to be arrogant about evidence which has persuaded me, when nearly everyone I know, and nearly everyone I don't, have no idea what I'm talking about. And I always need to embrace the humility that I could be mistaken.
Let's be clear: there is not, really, a Clinton Body Count, nor a Bush Body Count. There is just the Body Count. It's not a competition, it's a consortium.
Rodney Stich tells more, in his book Defrauding America:

"Darlene Novinger said to me that she discovered during an FBI investigation that George Bush and two of his sons were using drugs and prostitutes in a Florida hotel while Bush was Vice President. She said that when she reported these findings to her FBI supervisors they warned her not to reveal what she had discovered. Novinger had been requested to infiltrate drug trafficking operations in South America and the United States. She was pressured to quit her FBI position; her husband was beaten to death; and four hours after she appeared on a July 1993 talk show describing her findings (after she was warned not to appear), her father mysteriously died. A dead white canary was left on his grave as a warning to her. After receiving death threats she went into hiding, from where she occasionally appeared as guest on talk shows, and called me from undisclosed locations."
Aside from the Rodney Stitch book cited, I don't know which books Jeff has read that make 41 seem like Hannibal Lector. But I've read Ramsey Clark's The Fire This Time: U.S. Crimes in the Gulf, Gary Sick's October Surprise, as well as many books on American imperialism (Noam Chomsky, Chalmers Johnson, William Blum, etc.), and watched The Panama Deception a couple of times. Poppy is one bad dude (in the bad sense of bad), and that's not even counting his abysmal record as a father.