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Thursday, April 21, 2005

"Commercial" helicopter crashes

Technically speaking, the chopper which crashed today in Iraq wasn't owned by the Pentagon. It was owned by a company called "Skylink:"
A statement issued by Blackwater USA described Skylink as operating under contract to Blackwater "in support of a Department of Defense contract." The statement added, "The specifics of the crash are not yet known and there does not appear to be any survivors." The names of the victims are not being released pending notification of the next of kin.
It was carrying six Blackwater security guards (aka mercenaries), two Fijian guards, and a three-member Bulgarian crew. According to the NY Times,
While several military helicopters have been downed by insurgent fire, it is apparently the first time a commercial helicopter has crashed in post-war Iraq from hostile actions.
Being pretty specific there, aren't we? You forgot to add "on a Thursday." And "post-war Iraq?" People are being killed by at least the dozens every day (probably way more than that, since we rarely here about the casualties from US bombing raids).