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Monday, March 21, 2005

Yesterday's March in Ann Arbor

We had our second-anniversary Iraq war protest yesterday here in Ann Arbor. I haven't seen any estimates yet, but we probably had around 1000 people. The march started with an indoor rally at the Millenium Club on First Street. Various activities like sign making and letter writing preceded the speeches. Speakers included a local high-school activist and a member of Military Families Speak Out, whose son is just about to go to Iraq with the Marines. Also speaking were Ann Arbor Mayor John Hieftje, longtime Congressman John Dingell, and Iraqi-American Dr. Ismat Hamid. Dingell was particularly harsh in his criticism of the non-stop lying which oozes from the Bush administration. After the speeches, the crowd headed for the streets, walking down Liberty Street all the way to the UM diag. Veterans for Peace had set up their Arlington Midwest display to commemorate the lives lost in the war.

Mayor John Hieftje.

Congressman John Dingell.

Dr. Ismat Hamid talked about the plight of Iraqi children.

The march gets started.

On Liberty Street. I'm not sure if the "double plus good" is meant as irony or was just a mistake--saying "Bush is Double Plus Ungood" would have been just as good an Orwellian reference, but with a clearer meaning.

Arlington Midwest on the Diag.