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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Washington Post coming to terms with Hugo Chavez

The Post has been almost uniformly rabid in its criticism of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. But today's article by Kevin Sullivan is much more even-handed than the previous crap. The article focuses on Chavez's efforts to counter US imperialism, making deals with other South American countries, China, Russia, India, Iran, and of course Cuba.

I watched The Revolution Will Not Be Televised again last night, and was reminded of the incredible charisma Chavez possesses. It was certainly a special privilege for me to be in the crowd for one of his speeches in Caracas last April. The electric, rock-concert atmosphere amongst the thousands of Chavistas gathered in the streets was unforgettable. Chavez started his speech by leading the crowd in the interminable Venezuelan national anthem, with a better voice than most rock stars possess.

Chavez is definitely a force to be reckoned with, and the Post seems to be reluctantly coming to that conclusion.

BTW, Jerri sent me links to several articles on Chavez: